Description Shows Your Thoughts


A description essay is a great way to learn about someone. It shows their insight into something that means something to them. It shows how this place or thing makes them feel, and sometimes even the memories that they have surrounding the subject.
For my essay i described a classroom at my school. This room is the band room. I am a member of the color guard at our school, which is part of the marching band. My essay explains the for me and many of the other students that this place is like a second home. It shows the memories that we have in that room, and that the band room make us feel safe.
The room is cold from the air conditioning. The speckled white tiles have just been waxed. The off white walls hold the memories of hundreds of high school students.
The whiteboard in the front of the room freshly cleaned, still covered lightly in the remnants of music notes. The other with the schedule for the week plastered on it. The rack of papers by the office door, filled with flyers for the ongoing fundraisers.
Trophies fill the shelves and overflow onto the floor. Years of memories, shows that will never be forgotten, all encased in plastic and metal of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The walls are covered in plaques. Organized in order from 1982 until 2014, remembering the accomplishments of the members that were there before.
A large portion of the partially clean room is filled with instruments. The instruments that fill the room all belong to the students. The students that think of this as their second home. The come here to relax, because they know there will be someone there that they can be with. They associate this room with the positive memories they have from their high school career: the friends, the practices, the trophies they worked so hard to win.
An entire corner of the room dedicated to the marimbas, gongs, and other large instruments. The rest hidden in the halls and other rooms. The extra room filled with the drums, and the string instruments. A large piano in the front of the room used to teach the musicians.
The back hall covered in cubbies. Decorated with drawings of the previous owners, some full of sheet music, small instruments, tape, or gloves. Flag racks left empty, waiting for the new team to place their equipment on them. Above the cubbies are boxes full of memories. From the Fourth of July parade shirts to center pieces form past banquets.
The racks of uniforms sit in the corner waiting for the next time the students will wear them. To the members they serve as a reminder of fun times they have shared. The flags hanging from racks serve as reminders for the variety of shows. For the team they are a reminder of the students that marched before them. The long lasting friends that they have made.
As the students fill the room, the atmosphere changes. From a quiet room full of memories, to a room full of excited students ready to start a new year. They are reminded of all of the students that stood in their position in previous years. The hum of music begins, it can be heard from outside. The iconic symbol of the band room. The new season begins, with the new students that will make new memories.


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